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Flame Safe Fire Retardant Coatings, Flame  Retardant Sprays and Penetrants

FIRE POLY FP100Interior / Exterior wood, manufactured wood,products, wood assemblies, I-joist, OSB, plywood, lumberand timbers. ASTM E84 Class A, UL 723 TYPE 1, ASTM E2768 (30 minute), ASTM E2898,(Accelerated Weathering), NFPA 255, Flame Spread 0, Smoke Index 40, Maximum Flame Front 8.4. Complies with UBC, IBC, IRC and others  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
FIRE POLY FP75E a/ka/ Flame Safe XT  Exterior  wood  UL1256   ASTM E84 Class A  ASTM E2768 30 minute, ASTM E2898 (Accelerated Weathering),  UL 723 TYPE 1, NFPA 255, Australia AS/NZS 3837 National Construction Code (NCC), UBC, IRC, IBC Flame Spread 5; Smoke Index 115, Maximum Flame Front 5.8 VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
FIRE POLY FP75I and FIRE POLY FP75I WS  interior wood ASTM E84, ASTM E2768 (30 MINUTE) Flame Spread 0, Smoke Index 150, Maximum Flame Front 9.6, UL TYPE 1. Complies with UBC, IBC, IRC  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
FIRE POLY FPCC   Interior and Exterior -  Fire retardant for PVC pipe, fiberglass, other plastic substrates, styrofoam, poly urethane foam, insulation - ASTM E84 foam insulation, ASTM E84, EPS, XPS and HDPE plastic panels, International Maritime Organization Resolution (MQ) Resolution A.753(18); Appendix 2 and ASTM F1173-95 Section A5 Wet Condition Classification of Water Filled Plastic Pipe (FRP).  FP50CC ASTM E84, NFPA 701 for artificial plants, artificial foliage and artificial Christmas trees  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
ASTM E84 Class A, UL 723 TYPE 1, NFPA 255, UBC 42-1
Need to meet a fire code requirement for existing wood substrates? 
(historical restorations, staircases, joists, trusses, paneling, flooring, millwork, decks, balconies)​
WOOD SAFE ​(f/k/a JDP108) for interior wood UL 723 Type 2, UL Canada Type 2, ASTM E84 Class B Flame Spread 35, Smoke Index 100.  Coats and penetrates all wood substrates. Sealer for latex paints, stainable with aqueous based stains. VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
THATCH SAFE interior/exterior flame retardant coating for all types of thatch, reed and thatching substrates and assemblies including bamboo composite structures. Code compliant for tikit huts,tiki shacks, tiki bars, tiki restaurants ...... more. Classified   ASTM E84 Class A, UL723 Type 1, ASTM E2898 5 year (ASTM E108  Accelerated Weathering Procedure) , Flame Spread Rating 0.0, Smoke Index 85, Flame Spread never reached end of 24' long THATCH SAFE  treated test specimen. Complies with NFPA 255, NFPA 701, UBC 8-1, IBC, IRC.  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
SHINGLE SAFE f/k/a AD108  exterior wood  shake shingles and other exterior wood substrates. Classified  ASTM E108, UL790, 5 year Acceleratd Weathering, Burniing Brand, Spread of Flame, Intermittent Flame Exposure.VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
PAPER SAFE  Fire retardant coating for corrugated board, cardboard boxes, and packaging. ASTM E162 Flame Spread 2.4,Heat Evolution Factor1.3 and ASTM E662 Optical Smoke Density 70.6 on paper, 39.8 on corrugated board.  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
TREE SAFEspray on fire retardant  for Wildfire and Grass Fire mitigation. Designated part of  FEMA  Project Impact   WILDFIRE PROTECTION  to prevent or to mtigate loss of lives, property and economic impact caused by fire hazard events.  Complies with CAL Fire Administrative Code, Title 19, Public Safety, Article 3, Section 1264.3, “Christmas Trees"  Section 1237.1.               VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING
FABRIC SAFE 1  and  FABRIC SAFE 3 Interior Flame retardant spray for Cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, drapes, curtains, upholstered furniture, carpet​  FABRIC SAFE 2  Interior/exterior Fire retardant coating for canvas, tents, tarps, awnings, burlap. NFPA 701 Test Method1and 2, ASTM E1353, ASTM D2859; FAR 25.853 a & b, CAL TECH 117-F, CFR 1632.4 (FF 4-72) Fire Retardant for mattress ticking and padding , NY-NJ PORT, BOSTON extinguishing time 0.0, drip-sec 0.0, CALIF 1237.1. NEW PRODUCT .FABRIC SAFE 3 is a cost effective dry powder flame retardant formulated to be mixed with hot water. All FABRIC SAFE are CERTIFIED.     VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS, PACKAGING AND PRICING
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Fire Retardant Coating  I-Joists and OSB 
Intertek Testing  ASTM E84 / ASTM E2768
flame spread 0 - smoke index 40
Fire Retardant Coating for Thatch -THATCH SAFE
Intertek Testing Laboratories - ASTM E84
  Flame Spread 0  Smoke Index 85
FIREBUSTER welding blanket, fire extinguisher, a multiple use fire retardant  protective device for extinguishing stove top grease fires, eliminates smoke. A welders blanket, welding slag will not burn through, it protects the underlayment from fire damage. A must for automobile, recreational vehicle and boat repair facilities..  NEW PRODUCT LOW COST FIREBUSTER flame retardant liquid spray for DIY, 1 quart  makes 2,3  or 4  Firebuster devices up to 50 sq.ft. Surpasses Cal Fire 1237.1 by 700%. Will not burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees F     VIEW PACKAGING AND PRICING        VIEW LIQUID CONTAINER AND PRICING
C-FPCC, ASTM E84 Class A, UL Type 1 fire retardant  for clear plastics and other hard to coat thermoplastics.  Offers  both flame spread  resistance and burn through resistance in the same panel. C-FPCC is the product of choice for fire treating HDPE, ABS, PC, PMMA, PVC, Clear Cast Acrylic panels.  VIEW AVAILABLE CONTAINERS AND PRICING