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All surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Paper Safe is water based, clear liquid that becomes insoluble when dry. Paper Safe also acts as a preservative, an insect and mold inhibitor. 
It should be noted that unlike some products, materials treated with Paper Safe require no special cutting tools or special fasteners. Storage may be done in polyethylene containers. Although Paper Safe had been formulated specifically for the corrugated packaging industry it has numerous other applications and specified uses. 
Paper Safe provides a long-term fire retardant protection.
APPLICATION: Be sure surface is clean and dry before treating. / Apply retardant with sprayer head held 8 to 12 Inches from surface.  / Apply with brush or roller.  / Treat front and back areas of material. /  Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours.
COVERAGE:  one coat at the rate of 300 sq. ft. per gallon.

Flame Safe Advantage
*Quick and easy application / *Odorless - Colorless - Non Toxic  / *Contains no PDBEs  / *Adds no appreciable weight
*Requires no special cutting tools  / *Reduces smoke generation  / *Fungus inhibitor / *Resistent to insects, Rodents,and certain molds / *Will not harm plants or animals *Termite resistant
Fire retardant corrugated board
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PAPER SAFE® is an aqueous resin fire retardant formulate specifically for un-coated paper products and corrugated board (cardboard). Tests at Southwest Research Institute indicate PAPER SAFE passed multiple ASTM E162 tests on paper and corrugated board with Flame Spread rating as low as 2.4, Heat Evolution Factor as low as 1.3 and Flame Spread Index as low as 3.1. Far below the industry standard. Tests based on the ASTM E662 conducted at Southwest Research Institute Specific Optical Smoke Density averaged 70.6 on paper and 39.8 on corrugated board. The recommended coverage rate for PAPER SAFE® on paper products is 600 sq.ft/gallon and on corrugated board 400 sq. ft./gallon.