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​Flame Safe fire retardant coatings have been tested by accredited 3rd Party Indepedant Laboratories and are compliance meet the following fire safety and building code requirements: 

  ASTM E84 Class A, UL723 Type 1, NFPA 255, NFPA 703,UBC 42-1, ASTM E2768 for interior use and exterior use

  ASTM D2898 procedure exterior fire retardant plywood, exterior fire retardant lumber and timbers; 

  ASTM E108 for fire retardant coating wood, cedar and pine shake shingles Class B;

  NFPA 701, Method 1 and 2, FAR25.853 a &b (Federal Aviation Req.), ASTM D2859, ASTM E1353, Federal Standard 16CFR [FF4-72] (mattress ticking), Boston, NY- NJ Port Authority, Cal 1237.1, and the Cal Tech 117-F for fire retardant spray on coatings for fabrics and textiles;

  NFPA 701, ASTM E84 Class A, UL723 Type 1  fire retardant coating for thatch  

  International Maritime Organization Resolution A.753(18) & ASTM F1173-95 wet classification for plastic pipe, ASTM E84, NFPA 701 
​ ASTM E162 & 662, Federal standard PPP-B-320, PPP-B-636 and PPP-B-640L fire retardant coating for corrugated packaging, cardboard box and paper industry; and 

  CAL Administrative Code, Title 19 Public Safety, Art. 3,Sec. 1264.3 spray on fire retardant coating for Christmas trees.  
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