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Exterior fire retardant for wood
Fire Retardant for wood
Fire Retardant spray for wood
ASTM E84 CLASS A - UL 723 TYPE 1  -  NFPA 255 - UBC 42-1

 All Flame Safe fire retardant treated lumber, plywood and timber shall be vacuum-pressure impregnated to comply with the ASTM E-84 standard and shall have a flame spread rating of 25 or less. 
  In addition to passing the ASTM E84 test for surface burning characteristics,  Flame Safe X-T has also been tested under the ASTM D2898 accelerated Weathering of Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood for Fire testing (rain) procedure.

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 Lumber, plywood or timber is loaded into a treatment cylinder. The door is sealed and a vacuum is applied. During this stage, most of the moisture and air is removed from the wood cells. The vacuum in the cylinder causes the cylinder to fill with Flame Safe's proprietary fire retardant. Pressure is raised in the cylinder forcing the fire retardant solution into the wood. The pressure and time varies depending on the species of the wood, the commodity being treated, the cross-sectional area, and the amount of the fire retardant solution to be impregnated into the wood. The pressure in the cylinder forces the remaining fire retardant solution to flow back into a holding tank. Another vacuum is applied, removing the excess fire retardant solution from the wood. The lumber, plywood or timber is loaded onto trams that service a gas fired forced air kiln
Heated air is used to extract moisture from wood. 
 A gas fired forced air convection system removes most of the moisture from the wood after treatment. The moisture laden air is dehumidified. The drying rate is monitored to prevent cracking in the lumber. Lumber is kiln dried to a moisture content not to exceed 19%. Plywood is kiln dried to a moisture content not to exceed 15%. Finished moldings and trim is kiln dried to a maximum moisture content of 6 to 12% depending on the species and specific use. Pitch in the wood is crystallized permitting interior and exterior finishes to be easily applied. When kiln dried, Flame Safe treated wood becomes lighter and stronger, maximizing it's structural uses. 
Exterior fire retardant for wood
Enjoy the Beauty of Wood
while meeting  fire and building code specifications.
  Flame Safe's  fire retardant treated wood in interior applications provides a permanent guard against the spread of fire.  Flame Safe's fire retardant treat wood surfaces can be stained or painted with water based products. Flame Safe's fire retardant treated wood is compatible with most waterborne preservative treatments for lumber, plywood and timber for exterior and in ground use
  Flame Safe's interior and exterior fire retardant treated wood is a low cost, effective building material for homes, apartments, manufactured housing, hotels, restaurants, decks, docks, commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.  Flame Safe vacuum pressure fire retardant treatment can be applied to most species and grades of lumber, plywood and timbers i.e. SYP, SPF, Douglas fir, Cedar, Redwood, Oak, Western Red Cedar, etc
Advantages of Flame Safe Fire Retardant Treated Wood
  * Reduces flame  spread to less than 25 /   * Reduces smoke generation   * Odorless /   * Colorless /   * Environmentally Friendly /   * Will not harm plants or animals   * Fungus and mold inhibitor /   * Requires no special cutting tools
Flame Safe's  Fire Retardant Lumber,  /  Fire Retardant Plywood,  /  Fire Retardant Timbers 
are used in numerous applications. A few examples are:  framing lumber, bracing, decks, balconies, stairs, railings, siding, scaffolding, fencing, trusses, Herringbone bracing, interior/exterior post and beams, etc.
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