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Oriented strand board (OSB) has a greater load-bearing capacity than milled wood panels. OSB is particularly suited as sheathing on walls, floors, sub-flooring, roof decking and is a versatile, less expensive alternative to plywood. Flame Safe fire retardant OSB sheathing is manufactured from layers of thin wooden strips, arranged in cross-oriented layers, compressed and bonded together with synthetic resin adhesives and wax, and Flame Safe fire retardant coated. The OSB wooden strips are usually from the Poplar and Aspen trees, but can also be from the fast growing and smaller trees. OSB panels have similar properties to plywood, but OSB has no internal gaps or voids, is uniform and less expensive.
Flame Safe fire retardant OSB (oriented strand board) and rim board is particularly suitable for load bearing applications and is Class A fire rated. This is especially important for commercial, industrial or residential applications to assist compliance with the new 2012 I.R.C. section R501.3 exception 4 fire rated assembly code requirements (ASTM E119 Fire Test of Building Materials). Hourly ratings are assigned to only complete assemblies of structural materials for buildings, including walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. It is important to note that hourly ratings have no reference to any single component of a complete assembly.
Flame spread ratings are based on the ASTM E84, ANSI/UL723, NFPA 255: Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials (the ASTM E84, UL723 and NFPA 255 are the same), the test measures the rate which the flame spreads over the substrate being tested (test specimen) and the degree of smoke developed. Classification rating are [ASTM E84 CLASS A, UL723, TYPE I] f.s. 0-25 [ASTM E84, CLASS B, UL723 TYPEII] F. S.26 -75 and [ASTM E84, CLASS C, UL723 TYPEIII] F.S. 76-200. The flame spread rating is determined in the first 10 minutes of the test. The ASTM 2768-11 TEST FOR EXTENDED DURATION SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS OF BUILDING MATERIALS, This standard uses the apparatus and procedure of test method ASTM E84 with the total test period extended to 30 minutes.
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ASTM E84, CLASS A; UL 723, TYPE 1, UBC 42.1, NFPA 255
Flame spread 0 ; Smoke developed 40
Flame Safe OSB