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Flame Safe's  Fire Retardant Demonstrations
 Fire Official's Comments
Flame Safe Fire Retardant Demonstration  That's Incredible
DFW news - effectiveness of Flame Safe fire retardants
WFC test of Flame Safe Shingle Safe fire retardant
Flame Safe's FIREBUSTER demonstration
Flame Safe's fire retardant demonstrations
Albuqueque Fire Academy demonstration of Flame Safe's fire retardant products
San Bernadino fire demonstration of Flame Safe's fire retardant products
Maxim Technologies testing of Flame Safe's fire retardant product
You New House segment demonstrating the effectivenes of Flame Safe's fire retardants
Flame Safe manufactures fire retardant coatings and vacuum pressure fire retardant lumber, plywood and timbers  right here in Fort Worth, TX..  Flame Safe's fire retardant products have been  demonstrated both nationally and internationally.
Fire Retardant Coating Plywood ASTM E84
SWRI - f.s. 5, s.g.115 ; FPT - f.s.0, s.g. 40
Fire Retardant Coating OSB  ASTM E84
Intertek - f.s.0, s.g. 40; FPT -f.s.0, s.g.40