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FP75-I & FP75I WS are a clear finish high intumescent aqueous resin coatings formulated for all species of wood and wood products for interior use. Tests at Intertek Laboratories indicates Flame Spread 0 Smoke Index 150 Maximum Flame Front 9.6 based on the ASTM E84/ ASTM E2768 (30 minutes) UL723 on lumber and Flame Spread rating 0, Smoke Index 75, Maximum Flame Front 8.8 on plywood. Fire Poly FP75I complies with the IBC Code and IRC Code and others. Fire Poly FP 75I has a semi-gloss finish. FP75I WS is formulated using non-ionic chemical technology allowing the fire retardant to penetrate the wood substrate, the fire retardant becomes a part of the molecular structure of the wood. It has a clear matte finish, a primer for latex paint, is stainable with aqueous based stains and sealers. Fire Poly FP75I and Fire Poly FP75I WS coverage rate is 200 sq. ft. per gallon.
  All surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. Fire Poly 75I fire retardant coating is water-based, clear liquid that becomes insoluble when dry. Fire Poly 75I fire retardant coatintg also acts mold and mildew protector and repels insects. If over coating is intended, Fire Poly 75I is an excellent surface primer for use under latex paints or can be use as a finished coat overwater based stains. 

 Avoid wasteful runs and dripping. It should be noted that unlike some products, materials treated with Fire Poly 75I fire retardant coating require no special cutting tools or special fasteners. Contact parts of any equipment should be stainless steel or plastic to prevent chemical reaction and breakdown. Storage may be done in polyethylene containers.
  Structures under construction can be made fire resistant. As soon as the surface is enclosed, spray all exposed interior surfaces (studs, trusses, subfloor, joists, interior of outside walls, etc. with Fire Poly FP 75I fire retardant coating, Use on substrates that are enclosed and/or in areas that are warm and dry. Flame Safe's Fire Poly FP75I fire retardant, when applied according to manufacturer s specifications will remain an effective fire retardant for the life of the structure as long as there are no extreme water conditions or exposed to the elements or not removed by extraordinary means.
APPLICATION: Treat before, during or after construction. Be sure surface is clean and dry before treating. Apply with sprayer head held at 8 to 12 inches from surface. Apply with brush or roller. [Just Like Flame Retardant Paint.] May be necessary to wipe on hardwood surfaces. Treat all surface areas where possible. Do not expose treated area to moisture for 24 hours.
COVERAGE RATE: Apply 1 coat at 200 to 225 sq. ft. per gallon
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Flame Safe Chemical Corporation is the only fire retardant coatings manufacturer designated by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a partner under the Project Impact Program. The mission of Project Impact and the partnership with Flame Safe Chemical Corporation is to prevent or to mitigate the loss of lives, property and economic impact caused by fire hazard events. Experience has shown that all of Flame Safe’s products are suitable to achieve this endeavor.