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FIREBUSTER™ welding blanket, fire extinguisher, a multiple use fire retardant protective device for extinguishing stove top grease fires, eliminates smoke. As a welding blanket, welding slag will not burn through, it protects the underlayment from fire damage. A must for automobile, recreational vehicle and boat repair facilities... 

NEW PRODUCT LOW COST FIREBUSTER™ flame retardant liquid spray for that you  MAKE IT YOURSELF, 1 quart makes 2,3 or 4 Firebuster™s flame protective devices up to 50 sq.ft. Surpasses Cal Fire 1237.1 by 700%. Will not burn at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees F
Firebuster fire retardant blanket and DIIY solution
fire retardant Welding blanket
Firebuster fire retardant blanket and DIIY solution
Fire retardant Firebuster solution

fire retardant Welding blanket
Fire Retardant protective device
 NEW Product  Flame Retardant  spray for MAKE IT YOURSELF welding blankets and flame extinguishing device
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Fire retardant Firebuster solution
Fire Extinguisher for stove top fires
Welding blanket
1. Shake well before using
2. Do NOT Dilute
3. Use any terry cloth towel available new or used. Be sure there are      no holes or splits on old used towels. 
4. Hang or lay flat terry cloth towel .
5. Apply with trigger sprayer provided, adjust nozzle to spray position
6 Spray Firebuster     solution on both sides of the towel until wet
7 Allow to dry 12 to 24 hours.   DO NOT USE A CLOTHES DRYER
8. Wash hand thoroughly with soap and water.
Extinguish stove top grease fires
Click for test report: Cal Fire 1237.1
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Flame Safe Chemical Corporation is the only fire retardant coatings manufacturer designated by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a partner under the Project Impact Program. The mission of Project Impact and the partnership with Flame Safe Chemical Corporation is to prevent or to mitigate the loss of lives, property and economic impact caused by fire hazard events. Experience has shown that all of Flame Safe’s products are suitable to achieve this endeavor.  
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