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Tree Safe is water based, clear, odorless liquid. It is non-toxic and becomes insoluble when dry. Tree Safe also acts as a preservative.
Thoroughly spray the entire tree beginning at the top and working downwards. Needles are not absorbent so you must completely coat all needles of the tree. Be sure to thoroughly wet and saturate to the point of dripping. After spraying pour remainder of Tree Safe contents into the stand reservoir. Once treated the tree should be given ample time to dry. For optimum results do not leave the tree outside during the drying process, rain has a tendency to diminish the effectiveness of Tree Safe. When properly applied Tree Safe will provide long term fire protection. In addition to Tree Safe’s fire retardant qualities, Tree Safe acts as a preserver keeping the needles of the tree greener for a longer period of time.
​APPLICATION:  Spray with mist applicator. /  Start at top of tree and spray all foliage and branches.  Saturate to point of dripping.  Allow tree to dry indoors or in a covered area.  
COVERAGE: One (1) quart covers up to an 8' tree

WILDFIRE PROTECTION  APPLICATION: Spray all dried grass, brush and tree and telephone bases where possible, especially that surrounding the home or business facility. Spray any exposed wood such as fencing.
COVERAGE:  200 square feet per gallon
Pine, Cedar, Spruce, Fir, Dry Grass, Dry Brush, Straw, Hay Bales, Mulch, Pine Bark & other woods
FLAME SAFE TREE SAFE™ is a fire retardant and wood preservative, primarily used for indoor Christmas trees. Also, it will keep the needles of the tree greener for a longer period of time. In addition, Tree Safe is used on dry grass and dry brush in high fire danger areas.
Fire retardant for dry grass and brush
Christmas tree fire retardant
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CALL:  1-800-333-9197

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TREE SAFE® is a fire retardant spray formulated primarily for Wildfire and grass fire mitigation. It is an aqueous based resin shown to stop or slow the advance of flame under fire hazard conditions. TREE SAFE® fire retardant is a designated part of the FEMA Flame Safe Project Impact partnership. Test at United States Testing shows TREE SAFE® complies with Cal Fire Administration. Code Title 19 Public Safety Article 3 Section 1264.3 and 1237.1 for Christmas Trees. One quart covers an 8' ft. Christmas Tree